nightmares before lovely dreams

by ghost mail

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hectorsuckks a vry limited lofi bedroom pop gem ! Favorite track: christmas lights in september.
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Spooky Ghost... Big Fan. Been Listening Since Camcorder Mourner.
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songs made through 2014-2017


released April 16, 2017

written and recorded by rudy castillo- vox, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synth, drums, keyboard

thank you jose rocha for album polaroid

thanks for the listen



all rights reserved


ghost mail Somerset, Texas

texas based lo-fi bedroom pop musician

favorite conversations:
love, death and space


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Track Name: christmas lights in september
You caught me in September, you saw me putting up the lights
Just let me celebrate us, just let me, just let me hold you tight
the Christmas lights hang, they hang high the colors fade around your face
I can’t keep it together for heaven’s sake, I’ll be ready, just let me in…

…your heart, it’s blocked by a thousand spears made of your bitterness
Just let me in, just let me in. I want to hold you tight. I know it will be alright
Christmas in September, no one will remember me
Track Name: prom night
i went to pick you up around 7 o’clock
I remember your black dress
You said, “more is less.”
I bought you a corsage it was pink
Like your lip gloss

We danced all night
We had so much fun
We were so in love
Like some addicting drug

We went back to your car
Where we lay and looked at stars
You looked at me and smiled
It felt right, it felt right

at prom night it felt right
You kissed me, I could die
Track Name: don't say
I was scared to sleep at night
Your face haunts me tonight

don’t say you’ll stay if you go

Your hands were soft in the snow
So you hugged me to get warm
Track Name: it became
walking to your house we just became
the most heartbroken fools in love, fools in love

holding hands at the movies like an old couple
with the most heart wrenching stories
Track Name: in small confined places
{ instrumental}
Track Name: run reaper run
did you think I would follow you into the dark?
save me from myself I am towards the light
the grim reaper sucks my soul out of my own body

run run run away he’s coming for you he’s not happy at all

forget me life is full of regrets I had to run away from
here don’t call I won’t pick up the phone. I live in my
own hell I can’t find a way out. he haunts me for
eternity I am so damn broken from this. I run to your
house the reaper will still catch me, please comfort me
Track Name: erase us
i know you left, you’re not here, you’re not here
I know I messed up, it’s my fault, it’s my fault

Erase us from my memory
Erase us from my misery

I don’t think you can, do that, do that
I don’t see, why not, why not
Track Name: use to care
Did you think I would care? I was there, I was there.
You hurt me, so I’m sad, I was mad at that.
I use to care; now I don’t. There’s a tear
where I use to care.

Use to care
Track Name: ghost in my house
there’s a ghost in my house
I’m so scared I don’t know what to do
there’s a ghost in my house
I’m afraid to sleep in the dark
There’s a shadow at night
My mind goes blank I get so scared
There’s a ghost in my house
I weep alone too horrified at the news

There’s a ghost, there’s a ghost
There’s a ghost, there’s a ghost
I’m all alone
Track Name: you have my sweater
what will you do when you have no shoulders to cry on
how does it feel to be empty inside? (I don’t like this feeling)
so much for small talk, no words can express me
(but you can show me)

I thought about you, I thought about our problems
You said, “I love you,” but I didn’t say it back
(why didn’t I say it back?)

And when you talk to me nothing feels like it
Used to at 4 in the morning

I thought about you when I was at Walgreens
I imagine you in that sundress
(you used to steal pills from that store)
When I walk around I think about you so much
If I had money I’d go see you (I’d hold you so tight)
If I had a car I’d take you out
(to a fancy dinner on the boardwalk)

4 in the morning, you used to call at 4 in the morning
Track Name: let me find my way back to you
take me back, let’s go back to the start
let’s go back when I had your heart
take me back when things were easier
I won’t ever find someone quite like you

When you awake from a nightmare
Just think about me and you won’t be scared

Shadows across the grey skies commence
The day, you are lost and you will find your way
Take me back, let’s go far away from here
Let’s go far so I can take away your fears
Track Name: it follows
don’t push me away
I swear we’ll be okay
Things happen sometimes
Please say it’ll be alright

It follows me into my dreams
It follows me into my sleep

I am not afraid
To hide this pain
But you look at me
That’s when I retreat
Track Name: such a mess
I wish I could be by your side
But I won’t lie even for you
The night we met was so perfect
I remember every word
When you cry a piece of my heart dies
Knowing I was the cause
If you leave please do it in my dreams
Without you I would be lost

And through it all I pick up your calls
Because I feel like such a mess
These nightmares they break me I’m ready
To wake up, something inside me just
Really fucks me up, its daunting, its haunting